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Aug 30, 2009 10:00am EDT
 they inherited this fear. by the 1820s and thirties, this tidal wave of buying los were washing into texas and into new mexico and arizona and california. mexico inherited a weakness about being able to control its northern borders remember before 7019 they claim the border ran all the way up into western canada and oregon country. it seems absurd today but spain did not giv that up until 1819. there was not enough military power to control the so you have the legal immigration into the mexican territory month and 18 30's and 40's year mexican politicians raising a ruckus saying this is a prelude to us losing our northern states. turns out there write. we have anglo politicians. [laughter] bill they go mexican immigrants are htic coming here to take it all back. they might do that except for texas this is the agessiveness. this is not a deliberate policy of the united states government. it never was. the problem is the united states government could never control its own citizens. and the at comment to this day, you'll find many people who believe for instance the texas revolution was a de
Aug 30, 2009 4:00am EDT
)792- 4329. coming up in the next half hour, a shaving record falls in texas. stay with us as the second half of u.s. farm report comes up. >> today on u.s. farm report. public officials of all kinds accelerate h1n1 outbreak preparations. there is hope on the horizon for livestock industries but can producers hang on that long. and how many sheep can sheep shear shear in a sheep shearing showdown. >> u.s. farm report brought to you by chevy, an american revolution. ♪[music] >> good morning and welcome to u.s. farm report. i'm john fips. the nation's health officials continue to ramp up preparation for an outbreak of h1n1 virus this fall. unlike normal flu strains, h1n1 has stayed active all summer, which is a sign. because children seem to be more affected than older folks which is almost a reversal of normal flu patterns, schools are especially active. officials have will to devote time and resources to adhere guidelines brought down by health officials. according to my grandson's principal, one thing is sure, it's already impacted our education results. time for the news now. >> thanks, j
Aug 23, 2009 4:00am EDT
in the parks of south texas. this dried up stock tank or pond is on the mcfadden ranch near victoria, texas. bob mccan says it has never gone dry during any other drought in texas. >>> now to the southeast. the usda says corn harvest is well under way. as of monday, 14% of the corn was harvested, 83% of the crop is mature. >>> in pennsylvania, the western been cut worm has moved into the state for the first time. this invasive pest can cause serious damage to corn growers. it was first spotted in july near lake erie but now it is in seven counties in the northeast part have the state. >>> when we come back, al and our round table of crop scouts check in from austin, minnesota, the final stop of the 2009 "pro farmer" u.s. crop tour. the discussion begins this 2 minutes, please stay with us. >>> "u.s. farm report" coverage of the 2009 "pro farmer" midwest crop tour is brought to you by pioneer hybrid. helping you fit the right product on the right acre. science with service. delivering success. >>> at your "pro farmer" midwest crop tour our guest is mark bernard who is a certified agone mist.
Aug 31, 2009 8:00am EDT
, a conversation with republican representative john culberson of texas. when you think of the political process, what do you believe the role of social media is as far as how folks like you communicate to the folks at home? >> guest: my job description is representative, and the most imporant part of that, of course, is to use my own good judgment based on my core principles and knowledge i have based on the feelings of my district to vote to represent them up here, but equally important is my role as communicator to make sure i keep them plugged in and insuring that they know what's being done here in washington. so i use social media, i see social media as a vital part of my job in communicating with my constituents, and quite frankly, i'm a very passionate jeffersonian republican who believes strongly in the tenth amendment and that we need to get the federal government away from my kids, my home, etc., let texas run texas, and i think social media will, frankly, be the root of the next social revolution which will enable people to once they see and hear what the government's doing, i don't
Aug 16, 2009 4:00am EDT
to be southern texas, basically from san antonia towards the coast south of houston and on towards the southern tip of texas. just an extreme drought. very little rain has fallen recently either. we also have a new area of extreme drought in western wisconsin. into the up of michigan has been dry the entire growing season. but appears to have gotten a little bit drier over the past couple of weeks. also spots of western montana very dry and much of california, western nevada extremely dry. other than that just talking patches here and there of dry conditions. here is the jet stream as we head into this week. one of the things that we are looking at is exactly how this next trough reacts. now, for a while it doesn't look like it does much. and then the computer models seem to dig it into the northern parts of the plains into the great lakes by thursday and friday. and that could bring a direct shot of cool air off the arctic circle. and in this case, it wouldn't be anything like the winter. but nonetheless, you would get rid of all of the heat and humidity that you are seeing this weekend as we
Aug 14, 2009 11:35pm EDT
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Aug 18, 2009 1:00pm EDT
. democrats call it an indispensable option. >>> a texas judge is on trial for turning her back to a party appeal. the execution went on as scheduled. >>> and who's maxing out your credit cards. it may not be you and it might be the least of your troubles. >>> hello, everyone, i'm kyra phillips, live in the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. and you're live in the "cnn and you're live in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> preferable, not essential. the bottom line from the white house on a so-called public option. a government-run health plan that would compete with private plans in supposedly drive down costs. at least for today, president obama is letting others do his public pitching. among them, health secretary, kathleen sebelius, who on sunday seemed to make a big concession to conservative who reject what they call a government takeover of health care. here's sebelius today, speaking to a medicare conference followed by her comments sunday on cnn's "state of the union." >> all i can tell you is that sunday must have been a very slow news day. because here'
Aug 19, 2009 12:00pm EDT
montgomery and prince george's county. >>> a tornado rips through a texas mall. it is all caught on camera. >> we did not have enough data yet to say this will prevent cervical cancer. >> could wod be getting getti my husband and i, we love to go to steakhouses i can smile, i can carry on our conversation i do most of the talking yes i wear dentures and they fit wonderful super poligrip acts as a seal between my dentures and my gums super poligrip makes eating more comfortable. even well fitting dentures can feel more comfortable with super poligrip. just a few dabs of super poligrip create a seal between your dentures and gums to make them more comfortable while you eat. i can eat my steak, i just love it. try super poligrip. >>> a series of coordinated car bombs and attacks rocked baghdad today, killing at least 75 people and wounding more than 300. the deadliest attack came outside the foreign ministry building. a joint patrol were attacked in the green zone. the government is blaming groups linked to al qaeda. >>> it is an election eve in afghanistan, and it is an anxious time there. t
Aug 21, 2009 5:30am EDT
miles de dÓlares. en texas,una ley firmada hoy contempla la formaciÓn de una brigada que controlan el trÁfico bueno. por no tomar inmediatamente la comuniÓn y mostrarle la hostia a su hermana,un sacerdote catÓlico de colombia habrÍa golpeado a una niÑa de 11 aÑos en la cara. >> este es su noticiero univisiÓn ultima hora. >> muy buenas noches,sean bienvenidos a esta nueva emisiÓn de su noticiero univisiÓn ultima hora. el presidente obama participÓ en un programa radial dentro de la casa blanca, luego se presentÓ ante unos 100 invitados, activistas de inmigraciÓn, agentes de la ley, religiosos, y otros quienes resaltaron a hablar de legalizaciÓn de migrantes y la reunificaciÓn familiar, cumpliÓ su misión el encuentro?les explicamos. >> para esculpir una futura reforma migratoria tuvo lugar una primera reuniÓn privó de la casa blanca entre unos 100 representantes organizarse los interesados en la secretarÍa de seguridad nacional. no se permitieron cÁmaras, despuÉs de mÁs de dos horas a las oficinas ejecutivas, el presidente obama llegÓ a hablar los. >> fue importa
Aug 23, 2009 12:30am EDT
in the a.l. wild card race. texas a game out entering saturday. tampa three out. big game for carlos pena. hit two home runs. 16th career multi-homer game leads the league with 34. marlon byrd, his 15th of the year. rangers tie it at 4-4. we go to the 10th. pena, his third hit of the game. josh hamilton can't get evan longoria at the plate and the rays win in walk-off fashion 5-4. for pena, his seventh career walk-off hit. tampa has won 6-7. the rangers have lost 4-5 so texas now trails boston by two games in the wild card, the rays remain three back. we welcome you in to the espnews studios, will selva, anish shroff. the giants had a chance. >> san francisco can pull into a tie with colorado for the wild card lead for the first time since august 9. the giants have won 4-5. jorge de la rosa entered saturday 9-1 in his last 11 starts, ryan garko obviously didn't read the clippings, third contrary multi-homer game for garko. ian stewart a three-run shot. later in the sixth. seth smith lines one down the line. yorvit torrealba, former giant scores. 10 rockies record a hit, the rockies record
Aug 23, 2009 3:00am EDT
by captionmax >> rangers and rays both chasing the red sox in the a.l. wild card race. texas a game out entering saturday. tampa three out. big game for carlos pena. hit two home runs. 16th career multi-homer game leads the league with 34. down to their last out. marlon byrd. that one flies away. his 15th of the year. he has three homers in three games. we go to extraings. 10th inning. pena. his third hit of the game. josh hamilton's going to throw e-- evan longoria beats the throw home. tampa walks off with a 5-4 win. seventh career walk-off hit for pena. the rays have won 6-7. texas has now lost 4-5. the rangers trail the red sox by two games in the wild card. tampa remains three back. with that we welcome you inside the espnews studios, will selva, anish shroff, the giants had a chance to make it a giant saturday. >> he wanted a chance to say that. san francisco can pull into a tie with colorado for the wild card lead for the first time since august 9. the giants have won 4-5. jorge de la rosa entered saturday 9-1 in his last 11 starts, ryan garko obviously didn't read the clippings, third --
Aug 29, 2009 11:00pm EDT
cleveland. a good fastball. then the yankees coming in for three. a day off and texas in for the weekend. obviously big games for texas. they continue to try a spot. run down the angels. nick markakis 2 for 3. a single aáeld double and r.b.i. tomorrow is the fourth game of the set against the indians. masterson. 1:3 a 5 first pitch. 1-1 to markakis. shortstop. and cabrera. he has it. and retires the side in order. 8 complete here. indians need by 2. i'm here on this tiny little plane, and guess what. .. i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. anything before takeoff mr. kurtis? prime rib, medium rare. i'm bill kurtis, and i've got plenty of room for the internet. and the nation's fastest 3g network. (announcer) sign up today and get a netbook for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. with built-in access to the nation's fastest 3g network. only from at&t. @x@0@p@0@6p)@)@)p, >> buck: and the pinch hit single into center. >> gary:
FOX News
Aug 10, 2009 5:30am EDT
to spy on us. welcome to cashin in. and joining us is max and tracy and former texas congressman martin, okay guys. white house saying quote we can't keep track of everything so we need your help. if you see something fishy about health care, send it to us. wayne, you say this site is fishy, why do you say that? >> encouraging the government to spy on people is outrageous. remember about bush with the telephones and you have to reported this. any time w when the federal government is messing with the private citizens rights, we are protected by the constitution. government seems to illegal nor that and. by the way, you wonder where is the aclu when something like this happens. >> let's go to martin, because it does seem like a violation of our rights? >> come on, that is not even close. when i looked at the website. what they are asking, if someone hears something that sounds strange and white house could give them their side of the story. i have a republican person in texas that she sends me crazy things on the internet. sometimes i give them specific information. but there is nothing
Aug 19, 2009 4:30am EDT
a shopping district in eastern texas causing serious damage. >>> and a bottwoman is stranded the air after being stranded on >>> and a bottwoman is stranded the air after being stranded on an opening draw bridge. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >p >>>> hello and good. ir i'm christina brown. >>>> todap >>> today >>> tr pill. despite a relentless pue whittwhiter white housp why nbc nenbc news sho nbc news sh remap remain deeply skepti tthep the presidentrthe ppe form plan. chuck todd breaks it all day. >>> scenes are familiar now. passionate support. passionate opposition. >> there are differences. for the third straight month, mr. obama's overall job rating has dropped. 41% disapproving. on health care, the president's job rating, while unchanged, still only has 41% approving, 47% disapproving. it's even worse for republicans in congress. just 21% approve how they are handling health care. 6 #% disapprove. >> the public is split over reform efforts. 41% are concerned reforms won't go far enough. >> i'm sorry, sir, i just don't believe you. >> reporter: and the town halls, the
Aug 4, 2009 9:00pm EDT
fight dissolved into staged intimidation in the united states. in just a moment, texas congressman lloyd doggett will join us. he got a faceful of jimmed-up rudeness yesterday and he came out of it fired up and ready to go. stay tuned. you're good. thanks. so is our bike insurance. all the coverage you need at a great price. hold on, cowboy. cool. i'm not done -- for less than a dollar a month, you also get 24/7 roadside assistance. ght on. yeah, vroom-vroom! sounds like you ran a 500. more like a 900 v-twin. excuse me. well, you're excused. the right insurance for your ride. w, that's progressive. call or click today. so, what's the problem? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere. but we can't predict our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. dude's real good. dudes. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service
Aug 4, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. >> the health care fight dissolved into staged intimidation in the united states. in just a moment, texas congressman lloyd doggett will join us. he got a face full of jimmed-up rudeness yesterday and he came out of it fired up and ready to go. stay tuned. (announcer) that ball is going, going, gone! home run! (announcer) he's sweet. even with one third less sugar than soda. kool-aid. delivering more smiles per gallon. tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can. that's one reason why doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. has the fastest hands boxing hasver seen. so i've come to this ring to see who's faster... on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't. so i can browse the web faster, email business plans faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than floyd mayweather. (announcer) switch to the nation's fastest 3g network >>> have you heard the brand-new argument against health care reform? first we had the argument that health care reform was a secret plot to kill
Aug 23, 2009 1:45am EDT
-- texas, oklahoma and oklahoma state are all from the big 12 south. they're going to have to play one another. who is the best team in the big 12 north? kansas, which comes in at number 25. that doesn't seem fair to me. >> in latte land, broncos and seahawks. late second quarter, fourth and goal, orton scrambles. this was a bad idea. with his left hand. he's picked off by ken lucas. orton 17-23 and a touchdown. fourth quarter, scary moment. chris simms to ken mckinley, simms goes down in pain. >> professional football, jeremy shockey and the saints taking on texas, shockey got into a training-camp scuffle with the texans. shockey can work and play well with others. shockey, look at that, hurdling a defender on the way to a seven-yard gain. later in the second quarter, mike bell takes the handoff then takes off, finding a seam through the right side, runs 46 yards -- it's an open house and everyone is invited, saints blow out the texans 38-14. >> semifinal, cincinnati masters, roger federer against andy murray, murray has won four in a row against roger. when roger was told about the s
Aug 9, 2009 6:30pm EDT
in texas that got up to more than 100 miles an hour and ended when the car plowed head-on into a minivan. amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. >> every time the police get in the chase, it's russian roule e roulette. you never know how it's going to end up. >> reporter: many police departments are revising their pursuit policies to limit accidents. los angeles police officers pursue only felony suspects and go to a special chase school that emphasizes safety. >> when the pursuit is going on, it's a constant assessment. when the danger becomes too great to the public or to the officer, you got to call it off. >> reporter: because in many cases those pursuits can have tragic outcomes like this. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >>> president obama is in mexico now for what's being dubbed the three amigo summit. he's meeting with the leaders of mexico and canada as the debate over his health care plan rages here at home. nbc news white house correspondent savannah guthrie is traveling with the president. she joins us now from guadalajara. savannah, good evening. >> good evening to you
Aug 31, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. >>> and proof once again that words have meaning. members of something called the texas nationalist movement, that's really what they call themselves, want to take governor rick perry up on his suggestion that tax texas truly secede from the united states of america. would that put texas on the other side of pat buchanan's security defense? >>> we begin tonight, former vice president dick cheney's attack on the obama administration for investigating possible cia abuse of prisoners. a former u.s. congressman, a former candidate for president in the republican side, he's formally represented the state of california, succeeded by his son who served in the military. >> and debby wasserman schultz is a member of the judiciary committee and also joins us. mr. hunter, let's take a look at what former vice president dick cheney said over the weekend. . >> now, you get a new administration and they said we didn't like those opinions, we're going to go investigate those lawyers and perhaps have them disbarred. i just think it's an outrageous precedent to set to have this kind of -- i think intensely p
Aug 2, 2009 4:00am EDT
's a couple of areas to note. we continue to see extremely dry conditions in southern texas. we've added a little bit of dryness here in parts of oklahoma. at the same time, we've actually seen some rain there over the past several days, so that may actually start to weaken again as we get into the next week or so. we really could use the rain down in southern texas. that where we haven't seen too much rain. continue with dry conditions in part of the upper midwest and out in the west as well. let's take a look at the maps. what can we expect for the week ahead? well, kind of status quo for a lot of folks here in the great lakes region. we continue to see an upper level low. a trough in the jet stream. what we will see is relief for folks out in the west. that ridge is finally going to translate to the east. you'll see some relief from the hitt heat up in the pacific northwest. we'll keep it on the hot side especially right here in the south central united states. temperatures just a touch warmer as we head through the week ahead in much of the great lakes region. as we take a look at wh
Aug 2, 2009 6:00am EDT
of florida, louisiana, texas and say since it is an el nino year the statistics are such that you might have a slightly reduced probability of severe storms. that is not consolation in my opinion. >> is noaa working with hud and other agencies to tie the science and the coastal management and community preparations together? >> noaa is working with a variety of different agencies. i would point out since we are in the department of commerce, we work closely with national institute of standard -- >> senator martinez, i wanted, before you left -- and i really appreciate your being here -- i just want to, since you and i introduced this package of bi s bills, do you all generally support this six-pack that we put together? basically, the legislation is a lot about what we have been talking about here. is there anybody that doesn't? >> senators, as you know, the reinsurance sector has always had an ongoing dialogue with you, senator martinez and the state of florida about the value of the private sector's role in financing catastrophe risk and the role government can and should play with it. wi
Aug 18, 2009 4:00pm EDT
breaking news out of texas right now. a tornado apparently has been reported in beaumont, texas, near the parkdale mall. you're looking at pictures of it with a lot of debris strewn about. there are reports that some shoppers have been injured at the parkdale mall where there are stores like kohl's, walmart, macy's. there's a report of roof damage if not roof collapse at kohl's and people out of the store. as you can see, at least there's some debris around in the parking lot. we're going to keep everybody posted on this. but again a tornado apparently touched down in beaumont, texas. some reports of injuries. we will have more information as it becomes available. >>> two clintons are back in the white house, as chance would have it. both the secretary of state and her husband at their former home today. the clintons are meeting separately with president obama. right now mr. clinton is in the situation room where the president. we're told he arrived five minutes ago. on the agenda, a debriefing on clintons trip to north korea to free two american journalists but you won't find secreta
FOX News
Aug 22, 2009 3:00pm EDT
in unmarked graves. >> downtown el paso used to be white. >> just a few feet from texas, juarez is the epicenter of a vicious war. rival cartels are creating mayhem as they battle straight into the heart of america. >> 1500 died, only 30 were classified as innocent civilians and there were about 50 police officers that died. >> it's a classic turf war between different cartels. >> they spent 23 years fighting for the drug enforcement administration. recently retired he was in charge of global operations for the dea's 5300 special agents. >> along the southwest border is some of the most lucrative turf in the world. location, location, location. >> ten billion dollars in bulk cash grows the u.s.-mexico border on a given day related to drug trafficking. >> ten billion narco trafficking dollars is on par with the tourism industry which generated about $13 billion for mexico. during his presidential campaign felipe calderon vowed to crack down on the cartels. >> the army came in with about 2,000 troops. felipe calderon sent 5,000 additional army troops that will join the police depa
FOX News
Aug 23, 2009 5:00am EDT
feet from texas, juarez is the epicenter of a vicious war. rival cartels are creating mayhem as they battle straight into the heart of america. >> 1500 died, only 30 were classified as innocent civilians and there were about 50 police officers that died. >> it's a classic turf war between different cartels. >> they spent 23 years fighting for the drug enforcement administration. recently retired he was in charge of global operations for the dea's 5300 special agents. >> along the southwest border is some of the most lucrative turf in the world. location, location, location. >> ten billion dollars in bulk cash grows the u.s.-mexico border on a given day related to drug trafficking. >> ten billion narco trafficking dollars is on par with the tourism industry which generated about $13 billion for mexico. during his presidential campaign felipe calderon vowed to crack down on the cartels. >> the army came in with about 2,000 troops. felipe calderon sent 5,000 additional army troops that will join the police department. >> 45,000 soldiers have been deployed all across mexico, a qu
Aug 8, 2009 7:00am EDT
in texas. high temperatures in places like texas going up into the 90s for many spots. very dry for the west coast and for parts of the northeast a mix of sunshine and clouds. in the northeast high temperatures going to the upper 70s in many spots. washington, d.c., 89 degrees, 91 in chicago, 95 in houston, 98 for dallas, 68 in san francisco. and for miami, 91 degrees the expected high. that is your forecast. i'm reynolds wolf. for hln. >> a pregnant mom of six who hit hard times decided to go for a really radical approach to make some cash. >> it just came to me to try something different. i did not expect any type of response. i thought this crazy, no one is going to even look at it. >> and what she's selling on ebay that has some saying she does not deserve to be a parent. parents listen up especially for you a new study says too much time from front of the tv can actually raise your child's blood pressure. dr. sanjay gupta looks at why this information is so important in today's fit nation report. >> it's no secret i think to neighborhood sedentary habits are more commonly a
Aug 17, 2009 7:00pm EDT
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Aug 17, 2009 6:30pm EDT
are -- >> and opponents hurricane season brings rain to florida. but it's really needed in texas. suffering through its worst drought on record. and the most amazing performance at this stadium may be in the broadcast booth. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> good evening, katie is off. we're beginning tonight with a possible setback in the battle against the h1n1 flu virus. it's expected to make a comeback this fall. and u.s. health officials had predicted 120 million doses of vaccine would be available by mid-october. but today they said no, we'll only have 45 million. cbs news medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton tells us what's behind the change and what it will mean. >> just two weeks into a national testing program to see if the h1n1 vaccine is actually safe comes word there will be far fewer shots available in the fall when a national vaccination program is scheduled to get started. >> we're in a race between the vaccine and the virus. and this gives the virus a little bit more of an advantage. >> in july it was projected the 120 million doses w
Aug 17, 2009 11:00pm EDT
at the university of texas at austin. he has welt -- worked on synthesizing energy and a gps signals and the best hurricane and distort -- storm's surge models with evacuation and he will address the current status science and the data needs and stakeholders as well as future needs to improve research to predict and forecasting hurricanes. and ms. leslie chapman-henderson is the president and ceo of the federal alliance for save homes and national nonprofit dedicated to strengthening homes and safeguarding family is from disaster. heard testimony will address how building codes can improve the resiliency of structures and reduce the economic cost of post store recovery efforts and a lot of her experience comes from the experience that florida suffered after the me negative hurricane of hurricane andrew in 1992. and mr. franklin nutter is the presidents of this stage president of reinsurance association and serves on the board of the international hurricane research center from the meter logical society and the board of the university's center for atmospheric research he well address the economic
Aug 15, 2009 8:30pm EDT
was it for sabathia. i can't believe that would happen. he will get a lot of offers. he hails from texas. the only team he's struggled again is the rangers. >> that's the story of the angels the only team they struggled against, texas the team that pounds on the door in their own division. against texas they have gone i think 3-9 on the season against them. it's really interesting, they are 3-9. this team would be 15 and 19 against their western division. that's the angels. and yet, they have been able to beat up on the other division to hang on to a
Aug 19, 2009 9:00am EDT
in a matter of minutes. cars toppled like toys. >>> a tornado tears right through beaumont, texas. our severe weather coverage updates hurricane bill. >>> plus, not model behavior. a blogger who verbally attacked a model will be outed. good morning, i'm don lemon. heidi's off today. it is wednesday, august 19th. and are you in the "cnn newsroom." >>> health care reform. a make-or-break month and what may and take it or leave it ultimatum. elaine quijano's at the white house with the bold move considering by democrats. dr. sanjay gupta is in the newsroom to break it down for you. he worked in the white house, the last time an administration tried to push through health care reform. >>> but first we start with break news out of baghdad. six bombings in one hour and at least 75 people are dead, hundreds more are wounded in this. some blasts went off near government buildings. it is the worst day of carnage in the capital since iraqi troops took over. arwa damon joins us live from baghdad with the latest on the developments. >> reporter: good morning, don. it has been a really devastating day her
Aug 8, 2009 1:00pm EDT
behind bars for a crime he didn't commit, a texas man is now free. what turned things in his favor? >>> getting pulled over by the cops in one connecticut time is pretty sweet. police use reverse psychology here and reward to keep the peace. >>> hi. you're watching hln news and views. >>> we start with breaking news out of new york. a tourist helicopter and a small plane have collided and crashed into the hudson river near manhattan. take a look at this tower cam view here of the scene. details are still coming in right now but here is what we know. police say six people were believed to be on board the liberty tours helicopter. it's unclear if that number includes the pilot or not. as far as the other aircraft, the small plane, we don't know how many people were on board that. one witness tells the ap that the helicopter dropped rapidly and he could see that the plane had lost its wing. right now rescue operations are under way in the hudson river near hoboken, new jersey. crews are looking for both survivors and wreckage. this air space over the hudson river and around new york c
Aug 18, 2009 4:30am EDT
of suspected terrorists. >>> the highest-ranking criminal judge in texas is on trial facing allegations of professional misconduct. all for refusing to hear a last-minute appeal from a prisoner on death row. according to reports, an appeal was headed for judge sharon keller's office near closing time, but she refused to stay late. that prisoner was put to death that same evening. >>> journalism, dangerous work perform that's if you ask one cameraman in taiwan. he was covering last week's typhoon when he was swept away by strong currents. fortunately, nearby locals were able to catch him and get him back safely on his feet and someone else caught the video. >>> new research finds traces of cocaine our present on up to 90% of paper money in the u.s. that's the highest rate among five countries studied. that's up 20% from a similar study done just two years ago. researchers are speculating the stunning increase may be because of an increase in drug use following the global economic downturn. >>> here's an early look at how wall street will kick off. the dow opens at 9,135. the s&p lost 200
Aug 21, 2009 4:30am EDT
at a sheriff's department in texas. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler. and today we begin with seeing red. in what he calls a dramatic and inconceivable event, former homeland security secretary tom ridge says he was pressured by top bush administration officials to raise the nation's terror alert level just ahead of the 2004 presidential election. it was, according to ridge, an apparent effort to influence the vote. in a new book, ridge said he resisted that move despite being urged by donald rumsfeld and john ashcroft. the administration manipulated the terror alert level for political reasons. ridge said the event reinforced his decision to resign. however, other bush insiders are insisting there was no intent to a little bit size national security. >>> he was convicted of killing 270 people in a devastating terrorist attack back in 1998 -- excuse me, 1988. but now after serving just eight years of his life sentence, a former libyan agent is a freeman. scottish officials released him on compassionate grounds. the 5-year-o
Aug 11, 2009 11:35pm EDT
that -- >> i don't like doing this. >> and at a pang end in austin, texas, the bigger the better. >> we like all the glitz and the glams. we like the rhinestones, we like the sequins and the big, beautiful hair in texas. >> 50 boys and girls even babies as young as two weeks old are competing for a shot at the tiara and $2,000 cash. how important is winning to you? >> very important. >> when you don't win? >> sad. i should have done better, i should have done better. >> 4-year-old eden wood who is featured on tlc's "toddlers and tiaras" is considered the beauty to beat at this pageant. she has been on the circuit most her short life. >> i like being pretty, up on the stage with my makeup on. >> when we visit her at home, it was clear she loves winning. which one is your favorite crown, eden? >> this one. >> why do you like that one so much? >> because it's so big. >> her mother a former beauty queen herself says being the best doesn't come cheap. pageant officials admit some families have gone into debt. some even paying entry fees before paying the rent. but wood says she can afford the $70
Aug 11, 2009 4:30am EDT
debate is growing so heated, that the aarp in texas canceled some of its town hall meetings. as president barack obama prepares for today's health care town hall meeting, he better be prepared for this. the health care reform debate is growing louder all across the country. >> a lot of us who had coverage that we're reasonably satisfied with are going to get dumped. you'rend simple. >> i want to make sure that kind of medicine never makes it here. >> i believe it's the president's intention to ramrod somethinthrough congress. >> monday, democrat ben cardin had to shout over protesters as he tried to explain the hlt care bill. democrats argue republicans and special interest groups are orchestrating the discontent. >> i just wanted to show my support in light of some of the angry protests that have been happening. some of the orchestrated protests that have been happening. >> reporter: there's more than 1,000 pages in the health care bill. this week, the white house set up a website to answer critics and questions. >> let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors that perform will promo
Aug 22, 2009 5:00am EDT
nueva texas y nueva orleans originaron unas # 6 pels y los deportistas pelearon con fuerza. >>> en una carrera de 400 metros tuvo una aparatosa final, la jamaiquina fue cargada con una mascota del evento y se estrelÓo contra una valla de obstÁculos pero el incidente no pasÓ de ser un simple susto. >>> bueno llegÓ el viernes, y queremos saber quÉ nos tiene rosana franco porque aparentemente tiene mucha informaciÓn deportiva que coeque compartir >>> como siempre cuomadre >>> boletÍn de Última hora quÉ creen otro mexicano cruzozÓ la frontera es futbolista, delantero y van directo a houston. pero vamos arrancar primero por supuesto con todo lo que es el fÚtbol que estamos veebiendo po telefutura y galavisiÓn que ustedes estÁn disfrutando allÍ estÁ. en la liga de campeones de la concacaf toluca enfrentÓ al san juan en partido del grupo b, na vas anotÓ por los diablos y fue todo lo que necesitaron para kwle vae llevarse el triunfo. en el otro encuentro, real espaÑa recibiÓ a trinidad y tobago por el grupo d, el joven henry martÍnez aprovechÓ un error en la defensa de tri
Aug 24, 2009 11:00pm EDT
murray. investigators searched murray's texas clinic last month. the search warrant affidavits unseal monday showed jackson had "lethal level of the powerful anesthetic propofol in his blood the day he died. >> when we're talking about manslaughter, we're talking about a departure from acceptable medical standards, that is more than just what we call ordinary negligence. it is criminal negligence. it is extreme negligence. it is beyond the pale of what a reasonable doctor would do. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, dr. murray told investigators, he had been giving jackson propofol intravenously every night for insomnia but was worried, jackson was becoming addicted to the drug. murray tried to replace propofol with other powerful sedatives, a couple of nights before he died. but finally administered propofol when jackson begged for it that morning. >> these drugs would be appropriate if this was someone in an intensive care unit, b to just give to it someone who has trouble sleeping is really kind of amazing tme. and disturbing at the same time. >> reporter: murray's attorney d
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